IT Security and Penetration Testing - Welcome

Welcome at NESEC Gesellschaft für angewandte Netzwerksicherheit mbH

NESEC is your specialist for information security

We will protect you from all risks in public data communication networks.

Attacks against networks and IT systems are more versatile then ever. They start with unauthorized usage of computing ressources and hacker attacks to theft and manipulation of important information and data.

IT security can't be handled "casually" anymore. Therefore, NESEC has specialised on IT security. Together with you define our experts the required security level and describe all necessary measures, required for a flawless protection of the networks and systems in your company.


NESEC can protect your information as well

We offer you a tailor-made proposal to protect your systems, your network and your sensitive data. Starting with monitoring your firewall and your security devices ("Monitoring Services") and ending with the complete administration of business critical parts of your IT infrastructure ("Manages Security") can we offer a huge portfolio.

Ask for a suitable model.